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Femme First Foundation in collaboration with Twitter India presents #WomenChangemakers In Government to recognise and highlight women leaders in public office who have adopted innovative approaches including the internet, specifically social media and Twitter, thereby making governance more accessible to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Women are Heads of State and Government in only 21 countries worldwide, but their leadership has been lauded for its greater effectiveness in managing the COVID-19 health crisis. Globally it is recognized that the leadership styles of women leaders are more collective than individual, more collaborative than competitive and more coaching than commanding. There is also established and growing evidence that women’s representation in decision-making processes improves them. Although India is far from attaining gender equity as yet, we have seen in the past year that women leaders in various levels of government service have not just shouldered the responsibility to contain COVID-19 but have also gone the extra mile to ensure the public doesn't suffer despite the challenges put forth by the pandemic.

Our aim is to bring to the fore exceptional women leaders across various arms of the government who have adopted innovative approaches for better governance. For eg. Healthcare, Police,  Administration, Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Legislature, etc. These women will be shortlisted through nominations from the public.
- Identifies as a woman
- Works in any level of the Governance
- Adopted open internet and made governance accessible to the public during Covid-19*
Call for nominations open till 10th December 2021.

* Not essential but desired

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