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The Gender & Leadership Summer Camp by Femme First Foundation is a unique opportunity for young adults to engage in the ever-evolving gender discourse. It has been adapted from our popular 6-week Gendered Leadership course that has enrolled and engaged with 170+ participants from across India in 6 cohorts.
This specially curated summer camp helps teenagers learn and unlearn various gender stereotypes, make them understand the nuances of gender patterns in society and groom their leadership capabilities. It focused on various facets of gender, identity, self-awareness, nurturing leadership skills, personality development etc.  


The first ever Gender & Leadership Summer Camp for Teens took place between 13th-17th June, 2022 with 15 young adults aged 14 -18 years participating in the camp spread over five days. 100% of the participants reported that they felt more enriched with new skills and knowledge after attending the camp. 

To know more about the course, collaborate or partner to conduct the same for your school/institution/organisation feel free to reach out at

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