Gendered Leadership Course 

Gendered Leadership Course

Earlier this year, UN Women along with its partners declared 'Feminist movements and leadership' as one of the Action Coalitions' themes at the Generation Equality Forum. This is a landmark step in recognition of the need for a feminist approach to leadership across the world.

We, at Femme First Foundation, believe that India urgently needs a feminist approach to leadership. It is a model of leadership that is inclusive and participatory. It is rooted in affirmative action and equity for all the marginalized classes. It doesn’t discriminate and is against patriarchy, racism, communalism, extremism et al. Indian politicians need to recognise feminism for what it is – an inclusive way of life.


The first batch of the course is being conducted from 22 August 2020 - 30 September 2020. We have 32 learners across India joining us for it! 

The course is an embodiment of the organisation’s vision of a world where bodies of leaders are an accurate representation of the diverse people they lead. It recognizes the absence of a gendered lens in policy-making and leadership and aims to educate prospective leaders of our country on gender issues and help in unlearning many preconceived biases. The course intends to educate and inform how gender practices play out in everyday life, the history and waves of feminism, concept of intersectionality, mainstreaming gender in policy-making, and gender in leadership. This is the first step towards building a world where our leaders are our true representatives.


"My favourite thing about the Gender Leadership Course is the in-class debates we have. It is a safe space for all us to learn, discuss and share our experiences. I really appreciate how feminist literature from across the world is discussed and then grounded in the context of India. This course offers as much to me as a researcher, as it does to me as a woman."

—  Apurupa Gorthi

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