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Gendered Leadership Course

We, at Femme First Foundation, believe that India urgently needs gendered leadership - a model of leadership that is inclusive and participatory. It is rooted in affirmative action and equity for all the marginalized classes. 

The course recognizes the absence of a gendered lens in policy-making and leadership, and aims to educate prospective leaders of our country on gender issues and inspires them to be a part of the gender discourse. The course educates and informs how gender practices play out in everyday life, the history and waves of feminism, concept of intersectionality, mainstreaming gender in policy-making, and effective leadership. 

It is a 6-week curriculum. Having kicked off the course in August 2020, we have enrolled and engaged with 200 learners —7. cohorts — from diverse backgrounds across India.


Guest speakers were invited for some of the themes to share their lived experiences as a leading practitioner in their respective fields.


In this short video, we traced the journey of our first cohort:


"My favourite thing about the Gender Leadership Course is the in-class debates we have. It is a safe space for all us to learn, discuss and share our experiences. I really appreciate how feminist literature from across the world is discussed and then grounded in the context of India. This course offers as much to me as a researcher, as it does to me as a woman."

—  Apurupa Gorthi, Researcher

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