She Runs Government Dialogues

It is an international platform where political leaders representing different political parties from across the world come together to discuss and share ideas on how to further advance women's participation in politics.

The latest edition of the She Runs Government dialogues was conducted as a series of webinars in partnership with The Quint and was held on 11th-12th July, 2020. Focused on the historic Women’s Reservation Bill, it consisted of 3 separate panel discussions delving deep into gender quotas in India and around the world.

In the first discussion, the panelists shared their lived experiences of fighting for women's reservation and talked about the history of the Women's Reservation Bill. You can watch the discussion here:

Find the report here.

In session 2, the panelists discussed how gender quotas function across the world, and you can watch the discussion here:





Find a detailed report here.

In session 3, the panelists discussed about the way ahead for the Women's Reservation Bill in India.







Find the report here.

The launch event of the She Runs Government Dialogues was held in New Delhi on 5th December 2019 with speakers from various political parties in partnership with Times Now.

You can read more about it here and watch below:

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