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Image: Cohort of 2021

The Women in Government Fellowship is a six-month program that is focused on capacity-building, training, and mentorship of women in politics. It seeks to enhance and improve the quality of political participation of women.


The fellows will undergo residential in-person workshops, intensive virtual learning sessions, and hands-on mentorship by seasoned women politicians. This three-pronged approach will provide an academic grounding of democratic frameworks and policy-making, up-skill them with practical know-hows of electioneering, build the fellows' personal brands through personalised Public Narrative trainings by coaches from Harvard Kennedy School, and learn the ropes of politicking directly from a mentor who is undergoing the realities and tackling the challenges of being a woman in public office.

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To equip with skills and strategic knowledge to effectively run for office, legislate, and govern

  2. To develop a deeper understanding of the nuances and challenges of the Indian democratic system and various political theories, and to gain exposure to policy-framing under renowned practitioners and domain-experts

  3. To provide mentorship to navigate the labyrinth of the political world directly from seasoned women politicians

  4. To build a network of women leaders, policy experts, and campaign professionals to form partnerships and draw upon shared knowledge and exchange best practices

SRG Fellowship Faculty & Mentors
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The Women in Government Fellowship 2021Cohort  which was the first ever cohort comprised of a diverse group of 18 women leaders from across the country. The fellows engaged in 1000+ hours of learning which was administered during the fellowship. Every fellow also received personal mentorship from practicing women leaders in Politics. 

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