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Wear your voice.

We teamed up with Amaria to create "The White Lily" project. It is a collection created to help visibilise the voice of the resilient women.

The name comes from a wish of our founder's late mother. In the week preceding her heart surgery, she was mesmerized by a bouquet of white lilies. She had made up her mind to plant white lilies in her garden once she got better. But she didn’t.

The White Lily is a tribute to her life. She was a resilient woman who broke many social conventions of her time despite never knowing the term ‘feminist’. Having forced to drop out of primary school, she took up weaving because she believed that every woman should have the financial independence to live her life on her own terms. Read more about her here.

All proceeds will go into supporting Amaria's rural women weavers.

We are a small team with impactful interventions.
Help us expand with a donation.

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