Gendered Leadership Course 

Femme First Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit organisation committed to amplifying women leadership in Indian politics, is offering a 6-week online course for individuals interested in deep diving into gender patterns in our society. The course will be facilitated by Ms. Angellica Aribam, founder of Femme First Foundation. Ms. Aribam is an Indian political activist who has been working on issues of gender, race, and the democratization of politics for nearly a decade. Through various writings and talks, she has been advocating for increased representation of women in politics based on her lived experiences as a first-generation woman politician. Her work has been featured widely by both international and national media. 


The Gendered Leadership Course, facilitated online, will educate, inform and inspire its target audience on gender patterns in society and leadership, and engage in productive discourse. It will focus on various facets of gender and its associated inequalities. Through the process of engaging with content that builds on existing knowledge, challenges biases and beliefs while giving a deeper self-awareness to the participants, the course will enshrine a deep sense of possibility for the participants. 



The course will be delivered online and in English. The sessions are scheduled for 2 hours and will be a mix of lecture and interactive discussions. Guest speakers will be invited for some of the themes. It is an intensive course and participants will be expected to come for each session prepared with pre-work which will be given a week prior to the session, and occasional post-session work can be expected.

When: 3rd October - 7th November, every Saturday

Syllabus Overview:

Day 1: Introduction and Gender in Everyday Life

In the introductory session, we will look at the world from a gendered lens. We will discuss gender as a spectrum, how gender stereotypes play out in everyday life and how femininity and masculinity have been essentialised. 


Day 2: History and waves of Feminism

In this session, we will analyse how feminism has evolved in the West and in India, discuss the need for it and demystify feminism. 


Day 3: Intersectionality

On this day, we will understand the concept of ‘intersectionality’ and focus on the need and its relevance in today's time. By the end of this session, participants will be able to identify and recognise various forms in which intersectionality plays out in our daily lives.


Day 4: Gender Mainstreaming

This session explores how gender differences play out in policymaking. It examines the gender mainstreaming strategy for policies to have more equitable outcomes. We also delve into the principles of mainstreaming and take a closer look at how gender budgeting can be a useful tool in mainstreaming gender.


Day 5: Gender in Leadership

The session will delve into women's leadership models, patterns in decision-making, and governance. It will highlight the obstacles that women in leadership positions face, along with ways to navigate the labyrinth of the political world. 


Day 6: Conclusion

The final session will act as a debrief day. You will be able to ask any questions, reflect on what you learnt during the course, and exchange notes.



  • Graduated or currently pursuing a University degree in any discipline

  • Keen interest in understanding the discourse on gender

  • A stable internet connection and a device to participate using an online video conferencing tool like Zoom/ Google Meet

Fees and Application Process:

Selection to the course is highly competitive. The full programme fee for individuals is Rs. 2,000 which is to be paid after they receive their selection notification. Scholarships are available on a merit-cum-need basis. Fees, once paid, are non-refundable. Learners, however, will have the chance to defer their admission to another batch, if required in case of unforeseen circumstances. Learners will be issued a certificate upon completion of the course.

Due to the nature of the curriculum, only limited seats are available to ensure it is a safe space. Please submit your application here:

The deadline for submitting the application is 20th September 2020 11:59 pm. Applicants will be informed about their selection on 22nd September 2020

To know more about the course, feel free to reach out to Ankita Phalle at


"My favourite thing about the Gender Leadership Course is the in-class debates we have. It is a safe space for all us to learn, discuss and share our experiences. I really appreciate how feminist literature from across the world is discussed and then grounded in the context of India. This course offers as much to me as a researcher, as it does to me as a woman."

—  Apurupa Gorthi

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