She Runs Government Dialogues

It is an international platform where political leaders representing different political parties from across the world come together to discuss and share ideas on how to further advance women's participation in politics.

Gendered Leadership Course

We believe that India urgently needs a feminist approach to leadership. It is a model of leadership that is inclusive and participatory. It is rooted in affirmative action and equity for all the marginalized classes. It doesn’t discriminate and is against patriarchy, racism, communalism, extremism et al. Indian politicians need to recognise feminism for what it is – an inclusive way of life. To this end, we developed a Gendered Leadership Course which consists of a series of lectures delivered on various facets of gender and its associated inequalities.

Women of Indian Politics

A story-telling platform that shares the inspiring stories of India’s women politicians, in their own words. They talk about the ups and downs in their journeys, the best moments and the regrets, the beautiful and the challenges. Many women leaders including former governors, union ministers, MPs, and MLAs have opened up and shared their stories. It aims to bring more stories from the rural as well as urban India.

Men as allies

This project is aimed at changing the mindset of the society towards gendered leadership. It has been conceptualised to sensitize men in politics, who currently are 85.7% of Indian politics, so that they become ambassadors of increasing women-leadership. We feel it is imperative to engage men, as gender cannot be a one-sided conversation, and they are the major perpetrators of sexism within the system.

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